2019 Featured Companies

Pitching Companies - Startup and Emerging Companies


John Novitsky


AquaPrawnics farms indoor shrimp,  which are chemical free, fresh, and local: we typically co-locate at a farm, sharing profits with the farmer, where we consume the farmer’s Ag waste to produce our own heat and electricity, combine our waste products into a soil amendment which goes back into the farm’s soil, simultaneously sequestering carbon, plus reducing air and water pollution. 

California Farm Link

Gary Peterson


California FarmLink is a nonprofit organization advancing beginning, immigrant, and minority farmers with access to loan capital, secure land tenure, and skills to build successful businesses.


Randy Whiting


Cephasonics is creating new approaches to how and where ultrasound can be used to provide doctors real-time information during medical procedures.  Cephasonics provides hardware and software platforms that enable new procedure-specific ultrasound applications that uses data and AI to recognize, quantify and characterize structures in the body in real-time.


Frank Harbist


Emojot, Inc. is revolutionizing Customer Experience (CX) with its innovative software-based “emotion sensors” coupled with enterprise-grade analytics that enables businesses to react to feedback in real-time and delight their customers

Two-Sided Marketplace for Buyers & Sellers of Aircraft Spare Parts & MRO Services

Five Microns is developing a wearable anti-tremor device for Essential Tremor patients’ hands and arms.

Honey Blossom Retreat Garden

Marie Jacques Bonney


Honey Blossom Retreat Garden seeks to expand the potential of small-scale regenerative agriculture as an educational space for community-based farm tourism. We are devoted to serving our local community, growing and offering an inspirational environment for transformation and soulful restoration.

IonDX, Inc

Henry Benner


An early stage life science instrument company. Our analytic instruments help biotheraputic drug manufacturers move drugs efficiently through development.


iZen ai, Inc.

Laxmish Bhat


“Education in Future-tech” and “Future-tech in Education”

iZen is a talent empowerment and education technology company, offering solutions for skill development and employability, leveraging the power of ai and other digital technologies.

Levered Learning

Joshua Bradley


Adaptive instructional system unlocking growth in math for every student “Education in Future-tech” and “Future-tech in Education”

We will leverage the combined industry experience of the team, heritage in Californian growing, our technical capabilities and our licensed facility to enter the market in a number of open positions.


Anthony Del Real


Inspiring Kids to explore more with intuitive, fun toys. 

We are a Supplier of Advanced Nanoceramic Materials used for Coatings, Pre-cast and 3D printed construction Resilient to Fire ,Water, Mold and Toxins with Solar Integration.

The Sacred Table

Pamela Burns


The future of aviation is autonomous! Parallel has developed proprietary propulsion technology to lift more and fly longer than competitive systems.  Our technology is creating new possibilities for firefighting, search-and-rescue, logistics, agriculture, and more!

Peek Technologies is a biotech company dedicated to design, develop and market rapid test systems for commercial diagnostic testing .


John Derrick


Empowering Your Web Presence with a Simple and Effective SaaS Solution


Karl Gramespacher


WaWiCo is a technology company focused on developing intelligent and intuitive water metering and leak detection solutions for the household consumer.

Other Exhibiting Companies

Advanced Paving Technologies Inc.

John Smith


Ag Sense AI

Walt Froloff


Wide Area Network Agriculture
Pestilence Early Warning System

Alterna Card Services, Inc.

Madeleine Tapia



Brad Morris


BWCS products and services safeguard grower operations and supply chains. Our distributed ledgers and AI technologies provide point-in-time immutable documentation that record critical phases of the farm-to-table lifecycle.

Holon Studios Inc.

Stephen Schwirzke


The ultimate goal of Honey Blossom Retreat Garden is to create fertility and growth by
fostering practices that produce abundant organic gardens, orchards and woodlands,
maintain open space, preserve riparian and wildlife habitat, pure streams and lakes,
sequester carbon, and provide other ecosystem services that secure our local food
network and ensure a healthier planet for our children.


Ben Mansouri


Thoni Thermal Homes

Ted Thoeny


Wazoo Mobile Technologies

Thomas Guttenberger


Wazoo is the free smart phone app that automatically sends users great offers, discounts, coupons, and food picks from businesses. Wazoo uses location and preference to help people easily find the best deals near them.

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