Pathways to capital 2020

Coming September 2020

Startup Investment & Community Capital Expo, the region’s premier startup investment conference, is where the region’s fastest-growing companies meet with top-tier investors and alternative sources of funding.

The region’s largest showcase of emerging companies connects local companies with venture capitalists, bankers, angel investors and others who can help them raise the capital they need to grow their business.

Startup Investment and Community Capital Expo 2020

Speakers & Panels

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Company Pitches


Connecting startup companies to sources of capital and investors to emerging opportunities

This fourth annual Startup Investment event is a collaboration between the Startup Investment community and the Slow Money/Community Capital community in the Monterey Bay region. The goal of this exciting event is to provide businesses, investors, Chamber members, and the larger Monterey Bay community a forum for pathways to funding local and regional startup business projects. 


Who should attend:

  • Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies
  • Angel and Venture Capital Investors
  • Lenders and Other Sources of Startup Capital
  • Partners in the Monterey Bay Startup Ecosystem
  • Students of Entrepreneurship and Startup Finance
  • Community Leaders

Goals of the Expo:

  • Bring together startup companies and sources of capital
  • Connect investors to startups seeking funding
  • Network with fellow investors and entrepreneurs
SICC exhibitors

Business Heroes: Pathways to Success

Organized by the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Business Heroes: Pathways to Success will feature an outstanding panel of highly successful regional business and non-profit leaders providing strategies, insights and fresh ideas to succeed in today’s turbulent business and economic climate. These will include:

Behind-the-curtain views into their successful businesses/non-profits, their strategies and tactics to show you how they work, why they work, and how you can follow their examples to succeed
Access tips and guides for everything from planning out Social Media, building a Marketing Strategy to powering up your Strategic Mindset
Proven strategies for organization, marketing and sales that will enable you to succeed
Actionable insights to implement right away in your business/non-profit for greater success

Special Afternoon Session

2:15 pm – 4:00 pm